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  • What is the White Essence?

    White Essence: The Capacity to really stay connected to yourself…

    When the White Essence opens up in our body, we feel deeply rooted and grounded, we feel like we are floating without effort.
    The White Essence gives the support to be in daily life with spontaneity and confidence.

    Society, our family and specially father did not support us doing what we really wanted, instead they told us that in life we need to make compromises, that made us lose confidence in ourselves. The White gives us confidence and trust to stay connected to whom we really are and walk our walk in life. With this quality we are centred in ourselves without being distracted by the mind, emotions or by the external world. 

    This approach is based on the understanding of the personality structure with the intention or re-experiencing the situations which have led to the formation of ego patterns. In this process we will find the Essential qualities and start living from our Real Self and not from the ego self.

    For informations and reservations: mine@essenceofself.net

  • A journey into your own Essential Love nature .    

    Love is the most essential element for the human soul to recognise its True Nature. The Love Dimensions are an opportunity to explore this element, an adventure into the different aspects of the Heart.

    During this two day workshop we will look at issues related to merging, both positively and negatively. One aspect of merging love is related to relaxing, while the other to its cousin, frustration. Other issues related to this quality include loneliness and the fear of being needy and rejected. Through the exploration of these issues, positive and negative, we will discover the keys to unlock our Gold within.

    Contact : mine@essenceofself.net

  • This group is open to new members. When this Essence flows in our body, we feel strong, courageous, and passionately alive. This Essence gives us the capacity to meet our life challenges and opportunities with a feeling of strength, capacity, and enthusiasm. Red Essence brings resolution to our issues around anger and the fear of separation. We experience a sense of expansion and the courage to move on. Setting: Away from your daily routine in a natural and quiet environment you will have the opportunity to experience a deep connection with yourself. You will appreciate your own beauty and perfection. You will enter reality, the reality which you miss when distracted by habits and modern life style. Details: mine@essenceofself.net

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  • ‘It’s the wine of Essence, the intoxicating elixir of love.’ ‘It is intoxication without drunkenness.’ ‘It is a passionate love,’

    Details: mine@essenceofself.net

  • Compassion This Essence gives us the capacity to embrace our wounded parts and heal them with love and kindness.

    Details: mine@essenceofself.net

  • Peace This Essence helps us pacify the constant activity of our ego mind, exposing the false belief systems and bringing inner peace.

    Details: mine@essenceofself.net

  • Joy This Essence releases the burdens and heaviness in our heart and gives us the capacity to celebrate and live joyously.

    Details: mine@essenceofself.net

  • Emilio offers an integration evening group course in person and live online once per week. These evenings are essential for those who participate in Emilio’s retreats as they are a core component in integrating the work that is introduced at the retreats. You may join the weekly deepening courses in person or online via Skype at 7-10pm on the relevant day.

    For further information please send an email to info@essenceofself.net

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