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  • Emilio offers an integration evening group course in person and live online once per week. These evenings are essential for those who participate in Emilio’s retreats as they are a core component in integrating the work that is introduced at the retreats. You may join the weekly deepening courses in person or online via Skype at 7-10pm on the relevant day.

    For further information please send an email to info@essenceofself.net


    Do you want to face and understand what prevents you from being yourself?

    Do you wonder: Who am I? What are my gifts? What is my potential?

    If you have ever asked yourself these questions, this retreat is for you!

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  • The Diamond Consciousness is the vehicle of objective consciousness and the Essence of Guidance, Precision, Objectivity, Direct Knowing, Revelation, and Articulation. It is the Source of the Diamond Teachings and the very compass that guides us into discovering and living our Essential qualities and our Essential Self.

    For Bookings: mine@essenceofself.net

  • Red Essence Retreat: Courage & Essential Strength & Aliveness

    The Courage to be yourself and the capacity meet life challenges with a feeling of enthusiasm.

    When Red Essence flows in our body, we feel strong, courageous, full of vitality and passionately alive. This Essence gives us the capacity to meet life challenges and opportunities with a feeling of strength and enthusiasm.

  • The Green Essence releases the sadness and the hurt allowing the healing nectars to emerge.

    As Green Essence opens up, we feel flooded by gentle love and compassion allowing us to turn towards our emotional experience with kindness and acceptance. It brings us the care and understanding that we never received and removes self-judgment.

    When we contact and stay present with our emotional wounds, the Green Essence opens up and heals them with love and tenderness. As we accept the hurts which we have pushed away we become complete Human Beings again, vulnerable and magnificent.

    As we heal our wounds we stop projecting our emotional history on people so we can enter reality and we can risk to open up our heart again.

    Our Ego has many functions and one of those is a pattern to protect us from feeling hurts, but it is doing that by hiding the hurts. As we learned how to hide the hurts we have forgotten them and by forgetting them we forgot a part of ourselves.

    During the Green Essence weekends we will contact the forgotten part by understanding our defense mechanisms which are blocking our essence. It allows us to have a profound understanding and compassion for our ego structure. This releases the sadness and the hurt allowing the healing nectars to emerge. This process will lead to the opening of the Green Essence which can naturally heal our wounds.

    Details: mine@essenceofself.net

  • Black Essence gives us the capacity to bring our overactive and worrying mind to a state of Stillness.

    When Black Essence opens up, we experience the Peaceful Presence of our Being. Black Essence activates subtle perceptions and opens the doors of insight, truth and intuition.

    In this state we can perceive reality without any filter. Our mind becomes the mirror where intelligence can shine in its purity.

    Power is the other side of the Black Essence. We will work with distortions such as hate and the desire of revenge to liberate this tremendous force and reunite it with True Nature, Intimacy and Love.

    Details: mine@essenceofself.net

  • Yellow Latifa - Joy

    We feel joy when we are just being ourselves and doing the things we love.

    To discover who I am and how to live my life it is an ongoing process, the adventure of discovering the world and what makes me happy, what is it that my heart desires.

    Passions also change from time to time: what do I want to learn? What do i want to find out about myself?

    One of the things we are learning about ourselves is our heart and what it is our heart desires.

    The door to discovering our hearts' desires is our soul child, and now as adults we have the opportunity to support who we are meant to be.

    We can be a joyful adult with those qualities we usually only assign to children.

    Details: mine@essenceofself.net


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