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  • These two weekends are designed to deliver the Green Essence in two parts. If you have not participated to the Green Essence Retreat previously you need to attend to both of these weekends.

    The Green Essence releases the sadness and the hurt allowing the healing nectars to emerge.

    As Green Essence opens up, we feel flooded by gentle love and compassion allowing us to turn towards our emotional experience with kindness and acceptance. It brings us the care and understanding that we never received and removes self-judgment.

    When we contact and stay present with our emotional wounds, the Green Essence opens up and heals them with love and tenderness. As we accept the hurts which we have pushed away we become complete Human Beings again, vulnerable and magnificent.

    As we heal our wounds we stop projecting our emotional history on people so we can enter reality and we can risk to open up our heart again.

    Our Ego has many functions and one of those is a pattern to protect us from feeling hurts, but it is doing that by hiding the hurts. As we learned how to hide the hurts we have forgotten them and by forgetting them we forgot a part of ourselves.

    During the Green Essence weekends we will contact the forgotten part by understanding our defense mechanisms which are blocking our essence. It allows us to have a profound understanding and compassion for our ego structure. This releases the sadness and the hurt allowing the healing nectars to emerge. This process will lead to the opening of the Green Essence which can naturally heal our wounds.

    Details: mine@essenceofself.net

  • Peace This Essence helps us pacify the constant activity of our ego mind, exposing the false belief systems and bringing inner peace.

    Details: mine@essenceofself.net

  • Joy This Essence releases the burdens and heaviness in our heart and gives us the capacity to celebrate and live joyously.

    Details: mine@essenceofself.net

  • The pomegranate is the wine of essence.

    When our passion is not allowed to be felt and expressed it can be experienced as jealousy and shame.

    However, the opening of this quality in our system erases our fears and gives us the courage to live passionately.

    We usually experience this quality only in relation to others and rarely can it be experienced freely in our body.

    By exploring the time in our life when this passion was directed towards the parent of the opposite sex (Oedipal phase) we can retrieve it and let ourselves be flooded by passion and zest for life independently from others.

    Pomegranate love makes your heart uncontrollable, free and fearless as if you are madly in love.

    Details: mine@essenceofself.net

  • Emilio offers an integration evening group course in person and live online once per week. These evenings are essential for those who participate in Emilio’s retreats as they are a core component in integrating the work that is introduced at the retreats. You may join the weekly deepening courses in person or online via Skype at 7-10pm on the relevant day.

    For further information please send an email to info@essenceofself.net

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